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My Join-Up® Experience

These methods are amazing

Hello! 100 lessons completed

My little filly, Clover I needed to send her away whilst I checked on my colt her brother to make sure he wasn't injured one day, now Clover is still a bit wild so off she went I just used eyes on her and pointed my shoulders at her and that was enough to make her go away, then when I did not even notice she came up and started nuzzling me, this is a wild mare who wont let you go up to her, she let me stroke her for a while until she had enough and went off. But how amazing that was not the intention that I had when I sent her away to come to me again but she did, first time.

I cannot wait to get my round pen found a cheap way of making one with heras fencing ;)

I think she will be easy to train I cant wait, need pony size dually halter next