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Horse Care and Comfort

Thrush ??? Remedies Please!!!

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I am looking for Remedies For Thrush. In 35 years I had never seen it. Heard of it but had no clue what it was.

My Farrier called it Toe Jam. Said my Horses where Fine. That was back when we still had snow on the ground.
Lets Just Say "Not Fine" I have been working at it for a while and needles to say I don't use that Farrier any more. I have tried all kinds of Remedies yes even the ones from 2 different vets. Their hooves are better but we still have a ways to go. So I am looking for more ideas.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Thrush is a bacteria growth that causes a fungal infection from too much moisture, manure and usually mud. Thrush is similar to athletes foot in humans, or at least a distant cousin. Humans can also get thrush I use ThrushBuster on my horse as well as a solution of Clorox bleach sprayed on the sole of his hoof. Ginga Violet is also an effective treatment for thrush I use the Clorox more than anything, but you have to get the thrush under control first. Clorox keeps it from developing

It is surprising how fast a hose can get thrush. Although it is usually not a serious problem, if not controlled your horse will end up lame.



Hi Amberpony,

I have just taken my gelding barefoot and he had ready bad thrush in two hooves. We used a silver product called Silvetrasol which you can get from

It is amazing stuff and as a natural thrapist I have started using it on all sorts of things including an ear infection in my partner! It also helps to harded the hoof and can be used on almost anything!

Hope this helps.

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I have three thoroughbreds which all have had a tendency toward soft feet and ever-present thrush. Here in the Pacific Northwest, thrush can be a year-round condition.

I had tried all the usual products and remedies to combat it, with limited success. But, the product "No Thrush" has literally worked miracles. It has helped all three horses develop strong healthy hooves. No longer are they spread out like platters with sensitive soles. Now they're all on the way to developing strong soles, strong wall attachment and nice concavity.

My farrier and I think that thrush may be a big part of why some horses feet become soft and flattened. It's more a byproduct of the thrush than the horses' genetics. Once the thrush is gone, their feet make a dramatic change.

Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed

Hi all
This is a really old post but the subject is always important. I have used No Thrush as well and when his feet first get stinky I treat him once then I spray 1/2 water 12 bleach to keep it in check. It is not hard to tell if your horse is getting stinky feet if you handle their feet every day

Amberpony - California, USA
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed

Just got back to this post thanks to that Search Engine that was mentioned in post I was reading.

Thanks for the help. Gina we are heading back up to Oregon from California in the next month. we spend the winter in Nevada County, California and the Summer in Oregon near SunRiver.

Looks like I am going to try "No Thrush" Although my Joey's hoofs have healed quite a bit with the red clay DG soil that is in his corral. Plus with the warmer weather we have started the Farriers Secret again. He likes the Farriers Secret and it helps. The vet was here last weak and thought they his feet looked fine for this time of year.

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Both my geldings got mild thrush and my vet recommended a simple mix of iodine and water, sprayed well into the frog and crevices after cleaning the hoof thoroughly. He also said it can be used as a preventative measure for horses prone to thrush. I used it every day for about two weeks and it seems to have worked so far.