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i want to buy a new trailer.What is your experience?What is more important, more space and a window in the head erea or a slant transportation?

Thank you!!!

julie m.
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A couple of quick observations from me: slant loaders are the way to go as they allow the horse more comfort and balance while dealing with the turns and bumps on the road. I like the ones with ramps because I think it's less scary for the horse to back down a ramp than take that step down into open space. I know that Monty likes Sundowners and is an unofficial endorser of that brand. From my shopping experience, I can tell you there are a lot of other brands out there for sale second hand, but hardly any Sundowners. That tells me that folks buy them and then hang on to them as a good piece of very reliable equipment.

Good luck!

Amberpony - California, USA
Hello! 100 lessons completed 150 lessons completed 200 lessons completed 250 lessons completed

When looking at Trailers Consider the match it will make with your tow vehicle. How will it handle with the weight of your horse and a friends horse plus all that tack. Would you feel hauling your prized procession in there?

Does it have a Safe Hitch and are the safety chains strong enough to hold in an emergency? Do the doors close securely? Is the Trailer Tall enough for your horse? Is the tack room easy to access caring your favorite saddle? Is the tack room wall securely anchored between the horse box. Can you remove the horse dividers if need be. Will it fit where you want to park it?

If you are purchasing used. Are the axles straight or are they bent in a funny way? Is there rust inside the wheel wells? Is the Floor solid under the matte? Are there loose wires hanging underneath the trailer? Are the tires Cracked? Are the tires Rated to carry the weight of the trailer and the horse? Are the door hinges solid with no cracks? DO you see daylight when you look up at the roof? Is there a battery for the Brakes if the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle?

Many things can be repaired by a Reliable trailer repair specialist. But this cost $$$$ so is the trailer worth it?

My preference is a Step Up I have seen to many horses go off the side of a ramp and get hurt. Usually because some one gets in a hurry or someone else spooks the horse as a joke.
I was taught to train My Horses to know when I say step they are on the edge and need to step down.

Happy Hunting!