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Training Long & Low (Rounding / Framing) Without Tie-Downs

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I'm an advocate for letting my horse stretch out and I usually have them moving long and low at the trot the majority of the time, but I do have difficulty with uphill horses and also at the canter for a more energetic horse (like being offsite from home). I know much of it goes into consistency and good foundations, but my background experience is everyone using the pulley system or draw reins to teach the horse to put its head down and I've never truly liked those methods nor do I want to use them. However, I do need more guidance on how to work with my horses without pulling their heads down as that only puts more strain on incorrect muscles and their mentality. 

Even my one mare does fantastic while on the bit, but when I ride her solely in a neckrope there's a disconnect in holding herself properly and balancing as she likes to counter-bend, especially at the canter, without my reins to help keep her collected. She listens extremely well to all transitions and will halt on the dime and back up (although we're working on straightness there too), but I can't seem to get her to collect and balance properly without reins (more so at the canter as she is getting better at the trot and neckrope half halts). We're working on her balancing herself off of my leg, but there's way more work to be done. 

I would really like to see some specific focus on working a horse long and low, getting them to properly lift their back, without the use of tie-downs.