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Horse Behavior and Training

training to lead

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I have a 7yo tbred gelding, Regal (in pic) that I've had since he was 4. He has always been very sluggish (but does have bouts of bucking etc) I haven't done much with him, riding wise, (a confidence thing) but am completely hooked on Monty and hope to train him up slowly to feel safe to ride him. Anyway, I was doing the dually halter to lead and it was a bit frustrating as when I would dash off (like Monty does) he would just saunter after me with his neck stuck out and me flapping around on the end of the rope. Because he came slowly, he didn't really get that sudden pressure off the halter so it wasn't working. I kept at it until he got sick of the whole affair and just planted his feet. I took the chance to stand my ground and give him the pressure. He didn't like it and gave a little rear and then came blasting toward me. It was scary and wonderful all at once. I was finally able to give a clear signal and he's a wonderful leader now. Instead of plodding along directly behind me, he stays with me and really pays attention to me. It's so cool. Next hurdle..... long lining


Good Luck with your training, I am sure you will gain more confidence with every step you take together! I have a 2 1/2 year old Dales and I am training him with a dually halter which is great! I recently started long-lining and you will be pleasantly surprised, (as I was) how easy it is to get the hang of. Its great fun training the Monty Roberts way, I wouldn't want to do any other method! I wish you lots of happy times and many an enjoyable ride, which will come very soon with your lovely Regal by the sounds of things, Rachael and Ben.