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Horse Care and Comfort

Tree less saddle

Hello! 100 lessons completed

I have a friend that is having trouble saddle fitting one of her horses. I recommended using a bare back pad, but she is not comfortable with that.

I have never used or seen a tree less saddle but was wondering if that might solve my friends problem. Can anyone give me so info on tree less saddles. Specially how they fit a horse. Much appreciated!



Hey Joy.
I had the same problems with my mare. No saddle would fit her. I only use treeless saddles now. On both of my horses. I have a GP model and a very nice western one. Both are very happy with them and They r a dream to ride in.
This saddles fit most horses. The adapt to the individual shape.
What else would u like to know?

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Thanks so much! Ill pass that info on to my friend and Ill remember that for my self.
How much support for the rider would you say they have compared to a regular saddle?


I feel super safe in my saddles! My mare once went wild in the school and I was like glued on to the saddle! And the other good thing, me and my horses can ride for hours and hours. No pain in my back, hips or legs! My horses move free and happy.
There are many companies at the moment on the market. I love Barefoot saddles. Google this ones.
Hope that helps :-)

Kicki -- Sweden
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I have a treeless saddle too (english allround) as well as a sheepskin bareback-pad, that I use for my 3 year old.
The original reason for getting them was that he would have a saddle to grow in, rather than buy a "traditional" saddle that would have to be re-fitted every year for the coming three years. Saves my money and his back!
I really enjoy riding in both of them. I feel closer to the horse and feel as if I can influence it more with my seat.
Mind you, you need to be able to balance yourself because the saddle - esp. the pad - won't do that for you like a saddle with a tree will.
Also, I found that the first couple of times that I rode in a treeless (and this, I am sure, differs from person to person) that I was fighting the saddle. Once I stopped that, and let it seat me, I was much more comfortable.