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My Join-Up® Experience

tried join up!

Hello! 100 lessons completed

well I built a round pen out of heavy plastic netting about 4 1/2 feet high measured it so my two year old had plenty of room. at first when I snapped my eyes on his and flapped the line across my body he just stood there and looked at me he eventually went away and was going quite well.I turned him after four circits and all was going well until he decided to jump out over the gate and head for his field.(however he will follow me without a head collar on around the field,and even over tarpaulin).haven't tried it again but am using lots of ideas from monty's willing partners we are having great fun together.


Hi Caroline, looks like you have a budding show jumper on your hands!!! Good for you for having a go - if its any consolations my friends horse did exactly the same from her temporary round pen. Thankfully it was built in her sand school so he just jumped out ran around the edge of the sand school and jumped back in (no one told him he was supposed to stay in the pen!!). We ended up taking him to one of Monty's approved trainers and a proper round pen with 7' high panels....but, we did do loads of work on the dually first which really benefitted him. Hope you keep having fun!!


Hey caroline; have you tried Join Up again? I have tried three times and Willow does beautifully. I am possitive she knows much more and much better what I am trying to do. I make her go away, I run her in circles turning her ok and she gives me all the signs very clearly. But when I go to her and try the follow-up, she just puts her head to the grass and eats.... As if she had been working for hours and I make sure we are not at it more than 10 mins. So, I am waiting until there is less apetizing grass in our improvissed round pen to try again.... I don´t want to bore her. But, as you say, anything we do with our horses is great fun. Particularly when they respond with so much affection. Keep trying and good luck!