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My Join-Up® Experience

Turning in versus turning out

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When I ask the horse to turn and trot the other direction, he turns away from me (and towards the wall) and then continues to trot the other direction. I know that the horse should turn inward (towards me) and then trot the other direction. Also, when I complete my third circle and ask the horse to stop, he turns away from me and faces the wall. Can someone tell me what signal I am giving the horse to make him turn away. Or tell me what signal I should use so that he will turn towards me when he changes direction.
thank you,

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Hi raybay,
I don't think you have a problem! as I understand it ,the horse is supposed to turn away, he is showing respect and moving out of your space. You will be asking him to do this by your body language IE.I imagine you have stepped forward of a line with his girth and moved toward him as you have asked for a turn hence he responds by maintaining the distance between you and turns away.
If you wanted him to turn toward you, I believe you would move forward of the line with his girth at the same time stepping back and thereby inviting him to follow.
I probably have not explained that very well, but if you go to the website of Julie Goodnight you will probably find it there. Julie goodnight also has produced some DVD's,one of them " Round Pen Reasoning" covers this question.
I believe if 'Join-Up'is being used as a basic move at the beginning of a horses education, one wants him to turn away and not come into ones space as an acceptance of you as herd leader (you are moving him not vice verca). Subsequently as his education progresses you may choose to invite him to turn in.
I hope this makes sense, please anyone correct me if I am wrong.
Val. (UK)

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Single line longed horses tend to turn in from habit even when loose.I had to put a bit of pressure (bag on stick) on one of mine to get him to turn away.He was remedial,over longed horse.Twin lines of course you have to turn the horse outwards.Just another reason to avoid single lining.Why does Raybay think it's a problem ?Rachel ,Spain

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I agree with Rachel and horse, Sombra, did both types of turn but still respected the distance and I felt he trusted me and I can now invite him in and change direction, just by taking the pressure off slightly with a step or two back..

To start he also turned his back end toward me with his head towards the outside a couple of times as though he was unsure what I I uped my energy as well as closing the oppostite exit more strongly and went the direction I wanted..I think he was single line longed alot.

Both our horses Sombra and Toro are much more respectful of me since doing Join Up..It like great at last she's talking (or not!)..
It was very rewarding and quite emotional for me when I sensed them with me and then the follow up..Amanda.. Spain