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Horse Behavior and Training

Turnout rugs

I have a 2 year old cob, I bought him unhandled about 4 months ago. He has come on so much it’s great, but he’s still scared of rugs? I managed to get fly rugs and stable fleeces on for a while, but since I put a rain sheet on him outside, he’s gone back to being scared of any rug. I’m trying to use a towel to rub over him just now but he’s not getting much better. What else can I do to help him overcome this? 
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Hi. Welcome to the Uni. Silly question, why would you want to rug a 2 year old cob? Unless you live in a part of the world where the weather is really extreme a young cob shouldn't need rugged. Once they're working & you clip them then they need rugs but at 2 years old none of that applies surely? With the proviso that grooming is limited & grease is left in the coat a cob is a tough type - I'm in Scotland & my 4 live outside 24/7 x 365. Max is now 17 & even a rainsheet for more than a few minutes causes him to sweat no matter the weather. That isn't fear, he's calm but just gets too hot -  it's plain overheating. 

The answer to your question is to work incrementally, gradually working to gain your youngsters trust & confidence. Study the lessons on the Uni, improve your communication with your horse by getting your body language & breathing right. Monty uses plastic on a stick to desensitise horses. Once the full plastic is acceptable then light sheets & rugs can be slowly introduced. Hope this helps. Cheers, Jo.