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using cherry jello to help with supplement?


as a first time horse owner, i'm learning so much very quickly! my 9yr old spotted saddle horse mare has had achey joints and some issues with her spine and hind legs that we are working to get fixed. my vet recommended that i choose a supplement to help with her joints (i did also hear a lot of popping and cracking...)

i heard a lot of good things about Platinum Performance, so i started her on their joint version. She is getting the minimum one scoop a day (4 tbsp. in AM and 4 tbsp. in PM with a little grain)since she is pony-size.

she is a picky eater however, and it took me lots of tries to get her to finally start eating. i learned that she liked the same cherry flavor of the supplement, but I had already bought the regular. so i started mixing it with cherry jello which i read many people do. however, i do not know how much i should mix and i'm very worried about feeding her too much sugar. also, i'm worried about getting the sugar-free version because of chemicals. she seems to like it with the jello and will eat it...but i don't want to upset her natural digestive system and diet.

what do you all recommend? i plan on getting the cherry-flavored version after i use up all the regular version, but i still have a lot left. i need to find a good balance in the mean time. do you think it will hurt her to feed cherry jello with her supplement? if so, why? do you suggest something else? if not, how much could i feed her? thanks for any help!

Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Since you plan to switch to the cherryflavored supplement, why don't you buy it right now, and mix both regular and cherry flavor to one? This saves your horse a lot of sugar (ponies tend to gain weight easily) and the intestinal-balance will thank you for it too.
Make sure you'd be able to use both containers before expiring date!


oh great idea! thanks!!