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Using your preasure to move in saddle and out


I would like to see Monty show how to use pressure to get my horse to move from right, left back, forward, and to the side with using my legs in the saddle and my hands from the ground. Does any one else know how? I know a little bit but I always get confussed.

Charlotte - Gauteng, South Africa

I think thats a great idea! I don't know how but i would Love to know. I too get Very confussed ;)

Mimi (Salto Uruguay)
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Well in the uni there are some lessons about this.
I too was very confused, but with the lessons here in the uni I started to understand it.

Charlotte - Gauteng, South Africa

Thanks Mimi :)


I have found if you ride with a bare back pad you can feel the horses movement better. By this I mean what pressure he moves from the best. Some of the places I touched him will I was ridding him bare back I noticed he would move away from it I am still learning his movements but I have found this is a way to teach myself on pressure training. I hope this is the right way. I am just finding the places on him that when he moves to the pressure this way.