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My Join-Up® Experience

very interesting first join-up


Hi everyone! my horse Lizzy is new to me she is my first horse and was my sisters horse but recently my sister had to go away and gave Lizzy to me. Well I have watched a lot of videos on join-up. My sister had tryed join-up with her a couple of times but never really did it right so Lizzy never really joined I think Lizzy knew exactly what I was doing imediatly and when I asked her to go away right from me the start she had her eat locked on me but she took off like a bullet! and she just kept switching direction and I stepped to make her turn around to the way I wanted her to go but she totally ignored me anyways after a couple of minutes I got her to keep going the way I wanted her to go but she still hadnt slowed down! after like 5 minutes she decided to tear though the fence then ran into the other pasture to see her friend any ideas how to make my next join-up better? Im sorry if I dint give you enough info if you need more please just tell me thank you! Myrraya

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Hello Myrraya! Maybe the fence should be stronger than the horse. Two of my horses pay not much attention to me when doing join up outside in the pen. They love to watch the other horses, and try to find the weekest spot of the fence to go closer to them, etc. For those two horses paying attention takes twice as long as for other horses. I just keep doing the gestures, be patient, and wait for the horses proper reaction. They do have all the right gestures after a while. When they start paying atention to me instead of the other horses. But the fence has to be very strong, and you have to be pushy to make Lizzy move forward when she goes by the week spot of the fence, where she thinks the escape is. Be patient and keep trying!!
Good luck!


Thank you for your advice me and her are getting better just is going to take a little bit more time!