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Western / Stock Saddle For Arabian


Hi everyone,

I have arabians and have always ridden in an English saddle.
However, I would like to purchase a western or stock saddle to just ride out in, but can't seem to find any made short enough for my mares back.
Can anyone recommend one that is made specifically for Arabians? I live in Sydney, Australia, but I'm happy to purchase one overseas if need be.

Thank you in advance!

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Maybe a pony one? I am not jocking, I used to ride my arabian stallion in a pony saddle, and it was perfect, because I myself is not a big person eighter. Anyway, next week I will go and find a western saddle for a smaller horse too, and just hope there will be one for her. They say they have some for short horses too. I will go and check it out on monday and let you know. Well I am in Hungary, but they are businessing with saddles from Texas. Maybe you could find one around Texas if it is closer to you, there are all kind of sizes there. Well, let you know on monday, until then good search,

julie m.
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Circle Y, Crates and Billy Cook all make trail saddles for arabs. Although my horse is not an Arab, I can recommend Crates saddles. I bought one for my trail riding and I love it. I also have an older Circle Y saddle that is very comfy and well made. And I've heard nothing but good about Billy Cooks as well. Do a google search for trail saddles for arabs. You should come up with plenty.

Also, if you find one onshore to try, I recommend making a template of your horse's wither area so you can check the initial fit before you take it home to try. I used a wire coat hanger and carefully molded it to my mare right where the gullet would ride on her. Worked really well. I was able to eliminate those saddles I liked but that were too wide or too narrow for her build.

Once you get it home, saddle her up with a clean piece of muslin underneath the saddle pad. Don't brush her beforehand as you want the dirt to transfer to the muslin. Then ride her until you feel she's a little sweaty. What you look for is a pattern that has dirt evenly placed along the skirts, with a clean line along her backbone. That means the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the saddle tree as it should be and that it's not riding down on her spine. Also observe how she moves. Is she seemingly comfortable? Does she drop her head and move off easily, perhaps even giving you a big sigh or a yawn? Or does she seem tense and tail swishy? Not willing to move off to a faster gait? Listen to what she tells you before you buy.

Hope this helps. Happy shopping!

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Hi Cherie,
the advices Julie m. gave you are very useful! Today we bought two of those western saddles I was telling you about. One is for my smaller appaloosa mare that looks like an arabian, and one for a pinto my husbands horse. The man brought all the easy weight saddles ( I asked him to), and we tried them on our horses. We got two of them because they are very good quality and comfortable..for the horse also. I can give you the same advice that Julie, it is easier for you to get one near you so you can try it on your horse. But if you still want to take a look I give you the website though it is hungarian. Maybe just to take a look. Good luck!