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Horse Care and Comfort

What kind of Tegaderm did Monty use when riding after Shy Boy?


I'm listening to the Audio Book version of "Shy Boy" and when Monty said he used Tegaderm to keep from getting riding blisters, I went AHA!!!

My spouse has been getting riding sores, and has been experimenting with everything on the planet to protect those wear points.

But, when I looked up Tegaderm online, there are so many choices that I don't know where to start!

Monty, which version of Tegaderm did you use? What can I get for my spouse to protect (and heal) those pressure sores?



Hi sorry I dont have any real answers(again!) but you get what you pay for.In other words the best one is the most expensive one.Im sorry because that was not the answer you were looking for.I think you should go to Montys website and join ask Monty and he will send you an information packed email every week!

Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA
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You're right! Beck wrote through and we passed on that Monty uses a 3M product called Tegaderm found at most pharmacies in the US over the counter.


Wow! Thats great!