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What Saddle?

Hello! 100 lessons completed

I was wondering.... How do you know what saddle to use if it is the horses first time with a saddle on? 'Cause I know that if it were my first time with a saddle on, I would not want it to hurt me!



Hi There, try a saddle pad first, no riding of course and when the horse is used the the pad and girthing you can get a saddle fitter out. I use a treeless saddle as I only do pleasure riding and can't afford different saddles for the season size changes. Watch out though not all treeless saddles fit short backed horses, you may need a fitters advice for these as well. I use a barefoot western and love it, the horn is onlt pretend though, so no good for the real cowboys out there. Good luck and happy riding!!

Kicki -- Sweden
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I can only agree with marsay152. Start with a pad and, unless you are really good at it, you definitely get a saddle fitter out!
A treeless saddle for youngsters is a good idea, because they will grow a lot and develop over their backs in the coming years, so you will need to re-fit or even a new size of saddle altogether in a couple of years. The Treeless saddle can "grow" with your horse.

Hello! 100 lessons completed

Thank you! Your suggestions are very helpful!

Please upload your photo

Agree with the pad to begin with. As for the saddle (when the time comes) I ADORE and LOVE my Bob Marshall Treeless Saddle. Mine is the Endurance model with no horn and feels like a very nice sofa. My horse loves it and with my saddle pad, the sweat line is nice and even on both sides. The best investment I made in my tack expenditure is my saddle.