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when is it too much?

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I have a new mustang in training. He is really gentle and very smart. I am working with him slowly and I have also hired a trainer to assist me to the next level. I have noticed in my alone sessions of training he tends to fade about the 45-minute mark. He starts off willing and surprisingly is perfect, but as time goes on he disengages. It's like he doesn't want to play anymore. I see this as possible brain overload and usually let him go to be a horse. Bad? Good? In my observation, my trainer does not let him go and actually becomes more affirmative and a little aggressive which causes him to react negatively. Am I doing the right thing by letting him go at this time? This is the trainer's 3rd session and maybe her last. It starts off great but doesn't end well. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 
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Hi & welcome to the Uni. I have 2 homebreds, Kirk & Moley. Everything they have learnt has been in roughly 10 - 12 minute sessions. They are not perfect, they are precious, they have issues. They apply their sense of humour to certain situations. But they are my best friends! We have a wonderful relationship. Kirk will do absolutely anything I ask him to do so long as he understands it. Moley, being a chestnut female, is just one big fight. But, you know what, when Moley gets it, it's the best feeling ever - she's a challenge but she's worth it. 

You are doing the right thing & your brought in trainer has much to learn. Find someone else to help you train this horse. Make your training sessions a bit shorter & ensure you stop on a high-where the horse recognises what's asked & readily gives that - you'll see somuch  more improvement. Keep us updated on what your getting, wecan  help if you hit a bump. Cheers, Jo.

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Thank you, Jo

I have a new training coming tonight to meet us who has a much gentler approach. I will keep you posted. 

Thank you,