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My Join-Up® Experience

Won't walk through different gate of round pen

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Hi, I've been successfully doing join up with my yearling filly for about 5 sessions. We have a great bond of trust, well at least I think we do; as I own the mare and bred her, and imprinted baby ever since she was 45 minutes old.
After a join up session I tried to lead her out the back gate of our round pen, not the main entrance for in and out. This gate enters into a grassy yard area. I thought we would go this way for a reward of grass before going back to her herd pasture area. She will not go through this gate. No matter how many times I schooled her in the Dually halter. She does everything else I ask. Maybe this is a bad idea to lead her out another gate as this is not the primary gate she's used to for the round pen?
Miriam (Holland&Germany)
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Hi Morningdoves,
No answer until now to your question, I'm going to give it a try...
Your yearling trusts you, but it seens to trust her own insticts more.
She knows where 'home' is, that is where she came into the roundpen.
We orientate the horse before starting the Join-Up process, so that his compass tells him where the entrance / exit is. His binding with the herd is his survival.
Now since your roundpen has several gates, why don't you enter next time through the unknown one, after letting the horse enjoy some grazing first? She'll remember that there was a treat behind this particular gate. Make it her idea to use the new gate.
Later it's your turn to decide which gate to use. Remember she's still a youngster, your education is going to help her cooperate with humans in her life. She's learning everyday.
Hope this helps,