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My Join-Up® Experience


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Have been doing join up with my horse ziggy maybe a dozen times in my arena. Two weeks ago my grandaughter, Anya (11 yrs old.) planed a trail ride. She has her own horse Magaza. She was gettin her horse ready and I went out in the pasture to get Ziggy. I had his halter and lead rope, walked up to him, let him smell the halter, and asked if wantd to go for a ride. Without putting the halter on him, I decided to just walk in front of him and he then followed me to the barn to be saddled. Anya saw all this and I explained, 'Thats join up.
Thank you Mr. Roberts,
Suzanne Ducharme
Hornbrook, Calif.

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WOW! that is a great result, I cant wait to have that kind of relationship with a horse one of these days.

A rider without horse is just a human, but a horse without rider is still a horse!

I have never tried the join up in that way, but I sometimes play liberty with my horses, it's very similar to the join up and it was always a great feeling! I really love it!

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I have been working on join up with an Arab Teighan and on Saturday we finally got it! So exciting! Teighan even followed me over a jump. I loved it, and I think he did too. We just played together in the arena and then he stood without halter or bridle for a long luxurious grooming. That was too cool. We met up again yesterday, and we played again. Awesome feeling!!

Horse addict (From the good old USA)
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That's awesome! I hope I get the same results sometime.

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Keep at it. It took me all winter to finally get the timing right. It is definitely worth the wait!!