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My Join-Up® Experience

is it beneficial

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hi my 15 year old mare come from a bad background she was very nervous when i got her wouldnt let me near her, 8 months on she is a different horse, when i pull up in the car to the yard she is at her fence looking at me i walk over to her corral and she walks straight up to me even trots up to me also, i have also noticed if i go see any of the other horses its liek she gets the hump and shoos them away its funny to watch really but is it beneficial to do join up on her even though she walks right up to me and follows me around????????????


I don't think it would effect you and your mare's relationship negatively... It could only increase your bond, plus it would allow you to learn more about your horse. Is she a smidge lazy or is she energetic? Is she really sensitive to your body movements or do you have to rely more on the line? etc.

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I had the same question when I first joined. I had already bonded with my two horses just through time and caring for them. I did eventually join-up with both of them, and I don't really believe that it was necessary at this point, but it certainly didn't hurt anything. Of course, both looked a bit offended when I first sent them away- gotta love those super people-oriented arabians :)

I have found join-up to be most effective with new horses, or ones that don't already trust you.

LairaGold Certified Instructor

Hi Mel, You may not need a 'formal' Join-Up now, but if you go into an unfamiliar task with her, such as putting long lines on her for the first time, or riding her after a period of being turned out, for example, Join-Up can be a very useful tool to re-establish that bond.

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thankyou so much i did try join up with her but she just looked at me to say why you sending me away i caught you not the other way round i didnt know whether join up would damage the bond i already have with her thanks for your replies xxxxxxxx

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carriemae she is very energetic even for a 15 year old very sensitive to the leg but very responsive on the leg aids

Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland
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I am using the join-up procedure as "long lining without lines". I send the horse away with a minimal effort just to walk, then trot and later canter, finally I allow the horse to come to me, always using the equus language. It is one of the variations of the training program.