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Horse Care and Comfort

Owning and caring for a horse.

Title Date By Replies
Show clothes dos and don'ts HorseCraZ 2
Body clipping? LMSedgwick(Canada) 5
Grazing and exercise beryl 22
bad hooves LennyLlama 17
Suspensory ligament Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 12
biting flanks??? ebrahim 2
New Horse LennyLlama 4
teeth and dental work Nic&Monti 19
Words to Survive by... ChristenaAnderson 1
Dually versus Geitner halter Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 22
caring for someone else's pony but not happy with their farrier's barefoot trim Kathryn in NZ 4
hard to condition horse LennyLlama 21
cavallo saddle pad offer Welshie owner 11
EQUIWINNER and head shaking horse Abi 1
Retraining of horses Nenaya 1
Colour Enrichment, Coat Care and Mane and Tail Growth LennyLlama 16
Horse wouldn't stand to mount today rutherford.jason77 4
Aussie saddles? dorothy 18
How can someone neglect a horse so badly? ChristenaAnderson 12
Recent US weather beryl 3
Spooked by wind pinkie 3
Badly cracking hooves LennyLlama 16
Outside all the time? gabrielle.cataford.sauvé 19
Learning Tying up jodie15l 7
Equine Health Care pmpleau 4