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Horse Care and Comfort

Owning and caring for a horse.

Title Date By Replies
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Washing long lines Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 6
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Rescued Youngster & Farrier pippa 2
What to do with a rescued horse? Charlotte - Gauteng, South Africa 13
Sore Feet!!! :-( dominika 4
Tearing Tendon! Charlotte - Gauteng, South Africa 5
Stallion Vs Gelding Tahnee 4
To shoe or not to shoe deborahd 29
treeless saddles c.brockhurst 6
Loan Pony Fitness? EquiAbi (UK) 4
I'm getting a horse on loan, what size of dually would she need? EquiAbi (UK) 3
horizontal rings on hoofs ? ? Nic&Monti 15
Bitless Bridles cfarman 29
Which bit? Nadine 7
Choosing a first Horse?! Charlotte - Gauteng, South Africa 30
Paralysis tick- what should i do?? caiti.jane 8
Pony keeps putting his head right down when galloping linda 8
Barefoot versus shoes lclark 15
sweet iron/copper-bit Miriam (Holland&Germany) 5
volunteers rowan tree 7
Donkey (Wild burro) eating charcoal Christena 3