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Horse Sense for People

Please share what YOU are doing with the concepts in people’s lives?

Title Date By Replies
3074km Ride from Dalby to Alice Springs Leona Walker 7
He was my best teacher Kleinne - Utah, U.S.A. 9
Monty's 2for1 Holiday Offer 2012 Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA 2
Monty's Principles - How are they aligned with effective Psychotherapy? LairaGold Certified Instructor 9
volunteers rowan tree 0
please help jkula 7
Paraequestrian Joy Rainy 11
help people Lauren 14
Horse Teaches Me What I Taught Him Amberpony - California, USA 2
challenging unicorn 3
book by Monty star 11
What it means to be a horse Dennis 8
nothing to do with horses cristina 2
Help at work Nikki 2
Local horsemen Sasafras 2
Promoting the Uni and Facebook Amber Temple 1
Why can't I catch your horse Claire? Ronalde's Girl 3
Working with horses and children horses487 3
catching Shepet 4