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The Listening Lounge

The place to talk about the Uni lessons, funding for courses, locate certified instructors and get their feedback about Uni content.

Title Date By Replies
New videos! thehomemadehorse 1
past exam papers Brynhildr 3
Urgent need help! Irishwabbit 5
just wanted to say goodbye star 3
Monty's Special Training Class (August) Maya Horsey ~ Certified Instructor USA 2
volunteers rowan tree 3
Proper corrections under saddle? corbengra 10
reading old posts/bringing them up??? star 27
kicking out unicorn 19
Equine Touch Part 2 LindaR 6
Show Jumping With Will Simpson Part 5 - Whip!? EquiAbi (UK) 5
Certified Instructor christenarosehorses 6
Flo-The Parked Horse jor 10
exams Tessa Horan Certified Instructor 14
Where have all the students gone? MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia 36
JOIN-UP(r) CLINIC SWEDEN Certified Instructor Ann Lindberg/Sweden 0
apology to phantomustang !!!! star 14
One week work placement with Instructor in UK LairaGold Certified Instructor 0
Introductory Course Australia Lynn Mitchell - Certified Instructor 0
standing still !!! star 21
What about Monty in Spain? Christy 24
Latest video on Western Riding - spinning MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia 6
East Coast Monty Fans - Upcoming Courses! Amanda Rideout, Certified Instructor - USA 1
loosing members ???? star 9
Doing Join-Up in the snow? AppyBullseye 3