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The Listening Lounge

The place to talk about the Uni lessons, funding for courses, locate certified instructors and get their feedback about Uni content.

Title Date By Replies
Alpha Filly Laura (Australia) 4
really dance star 9
NEWS! We re-ordered the lessons into categories Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA 10
farrier lessons slowpaddlesharon 14
Kurse in Deutschland / courses in Germany Katrin Junker 5
More on the Farrier Christy 11
Sunglasses dora 9
Facebook :) Rahni (Sydney, Australia) 58
Special Practice Clinic in Hungary! Certified Instructor Ann Lindberg/Sweden 1
Instructor now in Las Vegas runninonfaith8 4
More Western Training Lessons Please!! bjd_countrygirl 1
Join-Up Exercise Rym.a.kiati 5
Caroline Jennings Australian introductory course Rahni (Sydney, Australia) 2
Additional Courses camilla.faye 4
Lynn Mitchell's details...? Rahni (Sydney, Australia) 2
Farewell The Lost Soul (Northeastern Wisconsin, USA) 10
Exam Theory for Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate zoe 5
Time to leave for a while vicci - UK (North Wales) 12
Join Up & Long Lining Course - Come Enjoy Spring in Maine! Amanda Rideout, Certified Instructor - USA 0
Join-Up & Long-Lining Course KENT UK March 9th-14th 2015 Tessa Horan Certified Instructor 2
bridges jerrytorgerson 8
Horse sense and healing mustang.girl - Croatia 0
Long line equipment wildhorses55 7
Bosal/hackamore vs snaffle for starting young horses Janice Fansher 10
10th Certified Instructor in the UK! Tessa Horan Certified Instructor 11