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The Listening Lounge

The place to talk about the Uni lessons, funding for courses, locate certified instructors and get their feedback about Uni content.

Title Date By Replies
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The April 7th "My Horse Won't Join Up" posting raybay 3
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Certified trainer in Utah?? j.starr 2
Long Lining Lessons Ruth 4
Scholarships Meredith_Honey 5
Anyone going to Australia Equitana Melbourne? kelly.marks 1
Uni Lessons and end of sign up time horselover 13
Monty in Ireland? Roisin! 7
cerified trainer near Missouri? Dakotasmom 1
fake horse halfhalt 1
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Cutting corners Kicki -- Sweden 1
What should I do next? Christy 2
Horses in the wild - their hooves tracey.stevens 7
why long line? kmoore8271 6