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Title Date By Replies
Biting BillG 8
What to say to the farrier? ruthy - Gold Coast, Australia 6
Stubbern Mare Part1 HorseCrazy 4
Horse Neglect C.Grant 6
Zoopharmacognosy - Allowing animals to self medicate! Sam 7
Violence HorseCrazy 1
Basic concept Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 2
Classes at Flag is Up Farm Syd 7
When we see pain inflicted on a horse, how do we prove that it is (painful/violent Gwen 13
Quality of pasture Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 4
Anyone Attending Monty's Special Training Aug 16th? Crystal 2
any advice? pilgrim111 2
start right spdltd 4
horse is obsessed with other horse nikgordo 1
Foal Handler Lauren 3
Horses for those who need horses Ekat 8
horses think reasonably caporal 1
What is violence and what is not? lisa-claudia 29
For the carriage horses azelie7 9