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• Story of a Horse Whisperer • Riding Horsemanship • Dressage Horses • Willing Partners
• Horse Training • Round Pen Lessons • Performance Horses • Join-Up

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University Suggestion Box

Tell us the lessons you’d like to see on the Uni.

Title Date By Replies
Teaching your horse to spin Gen (Queensland, Australia) 16
Reining Spin kristi_renz 0
young horse leestonecraft 2
Achieving Collection / softening mouth Brandon - FmNM 4
Willing partners MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia 5
Mexican Dancing Horses........ Sasafras 0
Rushing Fences Maisy 3
For Us Jumpers horseygirl 12
Team Roping and the Box sjj_007 8
horse manners in the paddock angela.carlile 4
Intoducing the Dually halter star 1
Training OTTB's Bradford 3
Disengaging the front/hing quarters bjafjudd 1
Accepting the vet Tami 9
Bolts or backs up chbeard 7
horse runs home after I fell off gabauer2 2
Saddling for the first time meg-and-sirus 7
The Aggressive Horse christinehardaker 3
Dressage Katie 4
Bitting a young horse for the first time esisco13 1
Hard mouthed Puller ajhoney 5
Working With Horses That Have Problems With Gates Keldsen 1
driving carts EvyG 4
alternatives to using a twitch Dennis 3
Afraid of trucks and tractors beth 9