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University Suggestion Box

Tell us the lessons you’d like to see on the Uni.

Title Date By Replies
Diary keeping with online support Kathryn in NZ 5
Student Suggestions ILOVEHORSES!!!! 9
Lesson suggestion yvonne hooper 4
Saving lives Karen 6
Bridles & Bits ILOVEHORSES!!!! 4
Mules Make a Comeback Malariaprotection 1
Remedial behavoir Shiney girl 8
Show Horses/Equestrian Drill Team Gracie 4
Imprinting of foals - Monty Roberts Style Gen (Queensland, Australia) 23
First Baths, for young and older horses Irishwabbit 27
Clipping for photoshoots and shows Bea 7
My horse is afraid of people, how do I help him? allmyphonestuff 12
Neck Reining deaconswife2012 3
Bucking nish 8
Full length, uncut Monty Roberts Join Up videos FireRider 9
Starting horses mary 7
Gaited horses - Gaiting correctly Beke 3
How do you log on to the Uni? Debbie Roberts Loucks, USA 15
Integration into the herd Milenco 4
separation anxiety guidance Laura&Autumn 7
Horse Care horse25lover 11
Jumpers approaching fences at full speed Loren 16
Tacking up Nicola 6
Tack 8