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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Join up with a stallion Rym.a.kiati 12
Having a foal Jo Bond - Certified Instructor 8
Anyone else screw up the first time royally? Any advice? slisjenn 7
the elder the better! christel@hamburg 1
Very first Join Up laura.maire 2
Join Up Experience NarrowWayMinistry 6
Join up - jumping out Rozy.cotter 7
She doesn't come pony 6
Join Up getting trashed. Mel - Ramsgate UK 6
Pressure During Join-Up gansens 10
total lessons on Uni 5
toyal lessons on Uni 0
First time join-up DLCconsul 2
Join-Up within a herd Mel - Ramsgate UK 4
Equine92 5
My Monty Mantra Is.... cocogoldsmith 3
IT WORKED! Kathi 5
Bad behavior going left at Join Up sandy 9
Go ahead, laugh cocogoldsmith 4
Incomplete join up colinc 7
Shilo and me. dionne4210 - Denmark. 3
The great dually halter k9doctor 5
Accidental Join Up? accidentalhorsewoman 10
Just a nice story Lucie (france) 4
I achieved it on my second attempt!!! kbeaumont06 3