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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Wow!!!!! Man is my horse happy!! jenn 12
Darn that grass! TLP 16
Why join-up only 4-6 times? sincerelyjlc 3
first full join up with an unbroken horse! Tessa Horan Certified Instructor 4
Can I join up in a manege? jessica.gibbons 8
trust /ears unicorn 9
New Filly Need Help Jayda 4
wild horse sanetsmal 9
1st Join up with x racehorse shell 18
New Join Up Experience lisantantoulis 4
strange join up eponti01 5
One Eyed Pony Hollyberry 2
Failed Join Up? lsteen 7
Join Up with a Burro (Donkey) Christena 7
First attempt to join up failed. need help christenarosehorses 19
Join-up in love SamsonHorse 1
Join up in a small paddock/field with lots of juicy grass. MaggieF, Melbourne - Australia 9
HELP! EmmyLou 4
Join up, and lunging AppyBullseye 5
Terrible "join-up"- Help! eternal_student NSW 10
Join up with older trained mare morgancourt 1
Cherokee "the horse that lead me to Monty" jenn 7
Join Up in Small Square Corral? matermaus 4
Double Horse Join Up EquiAbi (UK) 2
Joined up! cestone_18 4