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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Mounting block triumph. helene 18
Standing still from the ground Lucie (france) 6
does wearing glasses effect join up naomielizabeth 6
New horse won't budge katselasdan 4
Biting Horse and ears touching problem Rym.a.kiati 8
Dually and Bitless Abi 26
Lesson on bolting from Monty himself! jamiejennings 1
My horse just started attacking me Naude - Kldp - South Africa 34
Introducing Winter. Tiggy, Tears 13
Distractions/ get his attention Widgymaphlip 5
Rugging my horse nicandloren2012 4
First horse - won't move! crimoeller 8
mary 196
JoHewittVINTA 23
capacity for a horse to teach other horses behaviors alana.b 8
Is it possible to break a lifetime habit? alison 27
Advice on moving yards please! Widgymaphlip 11
Herd Bound MysticTrev 14
Bad eating habit during work Kicki -- Sweden 5
Advice on unsnapping the lead from the halter please!!! Nina 6
Long lining a youngster jms 15
Slowing down- as in HE WON'T! jamiejennings 11
Afraid To Be Alone Kate & Picasso 4
Chief:The Little Headache! svcallero 3
poor girl is so frightened of the saddle now. jpdbergeron 10