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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Feeding horses ChristenaAnderson 10
Naughty filly at feeding time imagoddessleo 12
"Scary things" imagoddessleo 3
Lazy Colt Camieree 20
Hitting a horse in the face? Townley 6
Crazy horse & no confidence Lsmith82 11
Winter's Progress Tiggy, Tears 96
Insensitive Horse who is attached to Herd, Help please gingerpeacepout 6
Ear issues, Help!! Lsmith82 25
Trust - not a one off JoHewittVINTA 4
The Love and trust a horse has for their owner ChristenaAnderson 5
Rollkur/Hyperflexion EquiAbi (UK) 14
My pony doesn't like other ponies!! cath.wrigley 7
Leading with the Dually Jordyn 12
Willy issues NikkiM 12
do i do join up every time i train my 16 month old cameron.audra 11
Recommend a video for a bargy horse? Cindyg 7
Girthing issues - help! ponygirl77 15
loosing the bond? Widgymaphlip 19
Temple Grandin on fear in horses Kicki -- Sweden 2
Goes nuts when sees other horses Lizziedeuchar 9
need help stopping the buck!!!! jkula 7
Separation anxiety when away in a float LennyLlama 1
still having a few problems... LennyLlama 3
Training-Feeling Defeated kendrb 17