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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Pye and the Lunge Whip Mel - Ramsgate UK 5
Pye a willing partner.... Mel - Ramsgate UK 11
Join Up from another horse back, is that possible? Alex Tonev 8
Free training available for a short time vicci - UK (North Wales) 2
Trust is a two way street. JoHewittVINTA 12
A worrying trend vicci - UK (North Wales) 3
Separation anxiety aka my sweet filly has turned into a maniac! Nika - Netherlands 26
Hard to catch DLCconsul 17
Working in an indoor arena Marija 8
YouTube ride debut. dionne4210 - Denmark. 9
Biting yearling Catherine.chelton 16
Starting Foals, First Goals 16
Older mare creating disharmony. dionne4210 - Denmark. 5
First ride alone at home. dionne4210 - Denmark. 3
Sugar Yawn vicci - UK (North Wales) 6
Shilo is home again dionne4210 - Denmark. 10
Is your horse ready to learn? Kicki -- Sweden 11
Study Confirms Horses 'Talk' to Human Handlers Kicki -- Sweden 29
7 days and counting..... dionne4210 - Denmark. 8
The greatest succes . dionne4210 - Denmark. 7
Bad eating habits LennyLlama 14
Cost/benefit matrix for training animals vicci - UK (North Wales) 1
Can you do join up wiith a mare who has a foal at her side? luv_for_horses 5
Can it be an issue to take your time ? Lucie (france) 28
Shilos first ride dionne4210 - Denmark. 17