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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Gaited Horse kathymw 1
Aggressive horse tmzick 2
Buddy sour horse ealti 1
Can’t touch my horses legs jess_721 1
Kicks on the box door. joanjensen07 3
Spookiness due to guns in night rechorsecookie 0
Polo pony behaviour kevatthecrest 0
join up bzybeth 0
Horse nibbles and bites in my clothes, tow rope, halter. joanjensen07 3
Full Body Shake while mounted results in bucking and a fall sarahsomers 2
Mustang Bolts In-Hand...I'm so sore... daniellezackery 5
Creating forward motion in a 2 year old rising 3 Maisy 0
Creating a suitable chute/ behaviour in the chute Kathryn in NZ 3
Standing square from the ground steffski46 0
Ground Work kathymw 7
Turnout rugs aimeesked 1
Flying Lead Changes Without Counterbend / Falling In On Ends Reigning Phoenix 1
Horse steps back when raising leg to put foot in stirrup Viv Lynch 6
Problems Mounting Martin.price1973 1
Where in the UK to source a Surcingle and Breast Collar Daniel 1
Bitless bridles and training Celtic.trojan 1
Long lining emmatjing 0
Not to Jump chitristate 2
Western vs English sara.garrett 2
starting a miniature horse to ride manika 2