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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
how to help an over anxious gelding Sashja 6
moody mare, a nutter or simply lonely Sashja 5
Answering criticisms of the Dually Halter Gwen 14
Naughty behavior Kicki -- Sweden 4
Reprimanding your horse? Alexis 4
Poll Injury debbie.flatcoat 1
Shared Training Kimb 3
Cantering my three year old? familycircus6 1
Rescue Horse Riograna 4
repeating join up? kmoore8271 1
Todays the day slaterslady 1
My horse dosen't do join up nish 5
Does my horse want to tell me something? Please help me understand it. jafours 7
Cinchy and pull back horse Syd 6
my friends horse is not an elephant? chris 5
my friends horse is not an elephant? chris 0
Mounting from the right side farkasschuller.arpad 4
training to lead Kazza 1
What's the best horse?!! horselover 8
Horse Behavior and Training morsemaryjo 4
My 1st horse Cptk41 4
Join Up With A Wild Horse drmatik 2