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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Is "endotapping" just operant training, or something more? Beck 9
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Am I doing ok? Reassurance is required. Shazza Bombazza 5
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling Horse addict (From the good old USA) 14
dually morgsta 4
Manhole problem dominika 8
how long does it take to teach a young horse to long line karenreid07 5
forward going walk jacqui 10
Deliberately bashing/rubbing hocks on hard surface gayle 8
My Boy doesn't let me touch his leg!! dominika 3
Horse taking off while leading renae 8
Giddy up rope to encourage canter? Joy 4
Trailer Loading Away from Home collier 4
Rearing Gabby 17
Will a spooky horse be always spooky? cass 25
My horse does not want to gallop - Urgent HELP! h.michaela 7
Hey UK Guys! kelly.marks 9
where do i start with training fiona.fleurie 6
where do i start with training fiona.fleurie 2
Is single lining really that bad? Horse addict (From the good old USA) 17
having a hard time teaching my horses how to canter!!! bbarner4628 14
Horse charging people in the field Kicki -- Sweden 6
moody mare? or is it more? Katie 5
Harness racer morgsta 2