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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Unexplained behavior Kim 13
regaining her trust sophie 3
How many new training ideas can horses deal with at once? candy 5
How often for optimal results? Cavalli Runner 6
bob question number 2! *chaz* 5
Having Fun 16dirtypaws 3
Getting forward motion BRADY 8
Can an inexperienced horseman train a horse? pleasantrunpeddlers 24
She bites my butt Jessy 2
Collapsing while cleaning hooves lclark 2
training horse/pony to stop when fall off aaustin1 5
bunny hops pilgrim111 5
Napping *chaz* 14
18th month old filly who loves a bit too much! lauraanddave1965 4
Horses and spatial reasoning Kicki -- Sweden 1
age of filly unknown horseygirl 5
Alpha Mare / temper tantrum? Hors'emotion 7
distraction tactics mariahsinclair 2
side pass and half pass horselover 2
Lunging or join up? Roisin! 11
horse kick my little sister bbarner4628 2
Yearling colt very studdy dougshipe.ks 3
foal clicking teeth, raising lip Melea 5
Cribbing horselover 4
Thrown Hard Today! Irishwabbit 17