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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
galloway gelding afraid of trucks Eleanor Collins 5
Interspecific communication Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 1
Training with fun? He didn't have any fun! renjaho - Hamburg, Germany 7
Fear against disobedience Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 6
mare won't pick up feet April 2
Do mustangs "think" differently? Beck 3
Dually Halter joanlante 2
my daughter's first pony disaster. HELP aaustin1 7
rope halter joanlante 4
Getting used to the bit qafka 2
Join-Up in the field Rudi - Pratteln, Switzerland 1
tranning my first horse bbarner4628 11
Cross Ties lclark 3
How to "join up" with a wild -- but lame -- horse? Beck 2
Refusing jumps malinbond 2
fly spray and creeks bendriftin 5
"dull" horse Dakotasmom 4
Potentially Dangerous Situation Kim 3
Annoyed horse Syd 1
how to help an over anxious gelding Sashja 6
moody mare, a nutter or simply lonely Sashja 5
Answering criticisms of the Dually Halter Gwen 14
Naughty behavior Kicki -- Sweden 4
Reprimanding your horse? Alexis 4
Poll Injury debbie.flatcoat 1