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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Monty List? Irishwabbit 3
My colt has started kicking, could get dangerous, help!! Amber Temple 13
Stopping on the trail - newly developed bad habit Tinker 4
Strange behaviour Smithers 16
Help, Horse reluctant to lift his feet. Shilo :) 7
looking for recommendations on new cinch? dolleegirl 4
Question for anyone who can answer. Kit 6
Dually fitting problems Kicki -- Sweden 5
What leg aids should I be using to turn left or right? ange.taylor 6
Humanized Foal? Martin 5
Imprinting New Born Foals Gen (Queensland, Australia) 4
Do not want to move forward fuenta 2
Horse only likes cantering in front of other horses?? BugsyXO 1
Horse behaviour on a hack suze 2
Mistreated horse and parelli sarki 1
Taking trainingring of Dually in mouth Miriam (Holland&Germany) 20
Giving up on people maybe forced to give up horses Irishwabbit 7
Inherent Issues With Long-Lining? Kim 3
Loading into a horsebox Smithers 2
Horse on horse walkers bobby.crumpler 1
I'm having big probloms with my horses Syd 2
Unhandled rescue pony hannahclaire 6
Oxygen deprivation and strange behaviour 22gracey 4
Mistreated horse knabstrupper 5