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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
horse aggression with her pasture mate tukachance 5
Our Diva sharrisonsouth 7
One step forward and two steps back- my horse doesn't resect me. debbieleitch 25
Running in and out of stalls or leading ? Dbrockett57 3
New horse misbehaving Karen,SK, Canada 7
Head Flicking Forsythpeter 8
Equine behavior university experience versus field experience LMSedgwick(Canada) 9
Friesian cross yearling swhitepro 5
Teaching yearling to Trailer markie.boake 5
Friesian cross yearling swhitepro 0
Yearlong terrified of the farrier markie.boake 9
A Horse who does what he wants Widgymaphlip 6
Vibration collar DLCconsul 4
Dayka - our progress Lucie (france) 5
Yearling - Scared of People and Farrier markie.boake 7
Best way to get a green horse to accept the bit Kdeer 4
Bringing a horse back after time off Kdeer 3
My first horse - Bjron - behaviour issues Vlad - Bjorn 15
Rescue who panics on the lunge line Kdeer 8
New horse, 13-y-o, spooky after accident Marija 15
To communicate with symbols Kicki -- Sweden 10
Fun and games- bolting pony. Becky C 8
Shilo and me....back in the saddel dionne4210 - Denmark. 6
weanlings Miriam (Holland&Germany) 3
5 year old ottb Jeckle and Hyde Changenme 7