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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
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Western vs English sara.garrett 2
starting a miniature horse to ride manika 2
Help with youngster! sara.garrett 13
Willing Partners Program diannermr 1
Please Answer ASAP kathymw 7
Forehead Rub or Wither scratch Ella 3
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The mounting block. Why does my hores always go backwards? rifel-industries 3
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I found a place that sells Pacifier Masks Gen (Queensland, Australia) 7
Nutrition kathymw 2
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Horse Behavior kathymw 6
Separation Anxiety when left alone, not when leaving Pam 1
So Happy to Be Back! Tara 2
Why does he circle his head...literally about 200 times, and should I try to correct this? kathymw 4
Overly Desensitized horse and Join-Up megkirk19 3