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Horse Behavior and Training

Title Date By Replies
Introducing a new horse to herd... ncsa97 1
Hello to all conniemacklill 7
Buck, the real horse whisperer Tiggy, Tears 30
14yr old Arab Cross Cob & Enthusiastic Rider snej768 2
Tips on Rebuilding a Horse's Character Reigning Phoenix 2
Building a Dummy rider LMSedgwick(Canada) 2
Horse runs home when I try to walk him away from the barn alone Tina 10
Another Join-Up question DAL 5
Fence walking Gemma 3
Too relaxed to move Kathryn in NZ 6
First time leading - horse rearing with dually halter famous_fivenz 6
Having trouble getting him to back Rebeccaadavison 2
Biting Horse sarah.christ 0
One Eye Horse Sigrid 17
Reverse wattyoc 7
Agressif with a filly annemarie.broek 3
HELP HELP HELP wjchapman2 7
The horse that side steps away,when approaching it at the shoulder. msillett7 1
Is it necessary to get bend in your horses body? famous_fivenz 5
Teaching a horse to Slow down markieawalker 3
My new mare is a very frightened and previously abused pony. I can't get near her Fern and Millie 7
Young horse doesn’t listen to reins markieawalker 5
Not halter broke czechraised 0
Easy loader star 1
Feeling really discouraged! my mare is ALWAYS oppositional krista jane 10