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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Join Up went terrible wrong!!!!! Joey 11
i DID it!! j.starr 3
Follow up- any suggestions? EllieandMyler 4
is it beneficial mel.bev 6
Success! neblina 1
Nick is the best Paola 2
very interesting first join-up Myrraya 2
Join Up Problems Equus Student 6
Bucking horse during join-up connieg10 2
Join Up Confusion Equus Student 6
horse being more stubbon paddyluv123 7
Horse tries to escape. Gate Sour deedeeswindow 1
join-up? ellun69 3
The Third Time was the Charm! Cavalli Runner 3
No Join Up Prancer 3
Join up with an "accent" Kicki -- Sweden 0
Join up --- sort of... Kicki -- Sweden 6
Help!! ksalih21 4
What Saddle? Dex&Kys 4
nipping mariahsinclair 4
pessoa mickydavies86 12
The fastest join up ever!...for me anyway. :) Digilover0 0
Longer than 5-10 minutes! chbeard 7
Help with Join-Up RedstarBlaze 2
My first join up Roisin! 4