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My Join-Up® Experience

Share the good, bad and the funny!

Title Date By Replies
Evita and the Join-Up Julia Fuger 1
join up or where now with nervous horse? daisy 6
great join-up star 0
BITING DIP patty.brown59 1
HELP simone 3
Join up questions raena 3
Ist Join up! nancytew32 1
Putting on a halter for the first time plaas_popp 5
Join-up facilitation a success :-) Gen (Queensland, Australia) 3
Wow! srd 5
These methods are amazing Amber Temple 0
Saddle Problems tonygale001 2
rectangular pen?? daisy 3
1st join-up with 20 yr, angry & abused TB getonthehorse 3
Join Up and Riding zeby786 1
My horse follows me around the field with no head collar when i show affection! Amber Temple 4
Stubbern Trotter HorseCrazy 4
Join up in slow motion :) Kathryn in NZ 3
1st join what??? the_dutton_5 3
Do I let her rub her head on me!? Cherie 9
2 first join ups not so..what went wrong bolts 1
The 1st Time Join-Up Experience Paul 0
Wow - Join Up - Incredible feeling Kathryn in NZ 0
new horse & when should join up take place surmana9 3
MY first join up bandit97 1